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The Senechronicles

  • 8/14/2018 6:44:04 PM

Yesterday was Seneca Day!!! The day started when oldest Seneca was woken up by their counselors  and told the good news. They all then went around waking up the rest of the village and running into everyone else’s cabins! We all enjoyed a great pancake bar breakfast in the village and got ready for the day. Seneca’s first stop was at Centerline fitness and martial arts studio in Ithaca. Everyone felt empowered through learning self defense skills and had a great time doing so! After the martial arts lesson, we went to a beautiful park in Ithaca and had some great pizza. In terms of food, the pizza was just the beginning! Seneca went to a blueberry farm and filled our bags to the brim with delicious and plump berries, eating and talking as we went. As if the pizza AND the blueberries weren’t enough, our next stop was ice cream! Rain does not stop Senecans from eating ice cream and we had a super fun time hanging out with our raincoat hoods up and eating our cones. Our final out of camp stop was bowling! Us counselors loved watching everyone cheer their friends and bunkmates on as we bowled. We returned to camp after bowling for dinner and a movie with Mohawk. Like all days spent with our Seneca sisters, Seneca day was absolutely perfect. 

Here is what some campers had to say about the day:

Leah S. from S-2 says, “My favorite part of Seneca day was eating ice cream. It was really yummy and we don’t get to eat ice cream often at camp. I also liked bonding with my friends on the long bus rides to each stop! Overall, Seneca Day was a really fun experience.” 

Sophie S. from S-6 says, “S-Day was tons of fun. My favorite part was the blueberry picking because we got to eat a lot. I enjoyed bowling with my Seneca sisters. We don’t usually get to spend time with other bunks a lot and this was a great opportunity to. My last Seneca day was all I hoped it would be.” 

Maya G. from S-4 says, “My favorite part of S-Day was the karate class. A lot of people think girls can’t do martial arts or defend ourselves so I loved learning how to do it. I also liked blueberry picking a lot because it’s not something I normally get to do. I hope we have another fun S-Day next year!” 



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