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The Senechronicles

  • 8/16/2018 8:55:13 PM

Hey everyone! Can you believe we have just a few days left of the summer? Neither can we! Here in Seneca, we are making the most of every moment we share together before we have to leave camp. Yesterday, we loved watching the Tusc triathlon! Charlotte T. from S-3 says, “All of the tusc campers were amazing and I’m so proud of them.” 

Last night, we had a great village night. Senecans were split into their SSL teams and we played a floor is lava game where you had to collect dodgeballs for your team without touching the ground. Then, we played a big dodgeball game. It was really fun to compete with everyone! 

Today was hobby culmination! Lexi G. from S-2 says, “Today was hobby culmination and I am in cake boss. It was really fun! We had a cake decorating contest and I made the CSL logo on my cake. I had a great time in this hobby this session.” Thanks for reading! 

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