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The Tent Post

  • 8/7/2018 4:24:12 PM

Before all of the craziness that Color War ensued upon CSL, Tusc had Pen Pal Night! Each Tusc camper is assigned a Tusc alumni who want to stay in touch with camp and the Tusc program as their pen pal, and throughout the summer the campers have been writing letters to these individuals. On Saturday, we had the privilege of welcoming them to the village for a night of bonding, stories, and reminiscence. We ate dinner together, did camp trivia, and just had conversations between generations that helped shed light on the fact that although camp has changed on the surface, the feeling is the same. All the kids enjoyed getting to hear about what CSL was like in the past and putting a face to the name they’ve been writing to this summer.

Now that Color War is over, we have about a week and a half left to make the best of our time as Tuscarora 2018. Today we’ll return to regular periods after some much needed rest and get back to cheering endlessly in the dining hall. I know Tusc 18 will give the rest of the summer everything they have!

And now, some quotes from a camper and some pen pals:

Liat W.: “We just solved a mystery together - at the junkyard two girls found an old plaque and put it outside their tent, and Lori told me that it was made by some of her Tusc campers!”

Lori A, pen pal, about the plaque: “They made it when they were Mohawk counselors in the late 90s, and when I told one of them he wanted the girls to know that they are all still friends to this day!”

Ellen B., pen pal: “The Tusc Pen Pal Night is nice because it brings people together from generation to generation at camp. That’s part of what makes it so special!”

Wendy S., pen pal: “It was great to reconnect with old friends from camp and meet the new campers, it reassured me that although camp changes, the spirit of camp remains the same!”

- Ben

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