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The Tent Post

  • 8/10/2018 2:05:42 PM

We’ve had a lot of fun in Tusc the last few days! We’ve had three village nights in a row, giving us a lot of time to bond, play, and laugh together. 

On Tuesday, we had a film night where we watched Mamma Mia. 

On Wednesday, we compiled the results of questionnaires we gave to campers asking them about issues like the loudest thing at camp, favorite meal, and least favorite rule at camp for a game of Family Feud. We all got to learn even more about each other and have a lot of fun while doing it! 

On Thursday night, we split into teams to represent obscure countries and territories in our Tusc Olympics. We tested things like stealth, compassion, and inner strength with games like ninja and sleeping bag races. We followed that up by watching Dead Poets Society, a film that discusses identity, community, and coming of age - all important topics for our Tusc campers. As camp begins to wind down after Color War, we here in Tusc are making the most of our time and continuing to enjoy ourselves as we grow closer together.

And now, some quotes from the campers:

“Even though Color War was really fun and tiring, I felt like I accomplished a lot and was able to lead the camp along with my fellow Tuscarorans. Afterwards, I feel accomplished and that I’ve contributed to camp, and now I can relax and enjoy my last days as a camper with my friends. I hope the Tusc after us enjoys it as much as we did!” Sarah Bie.

“We’ve never been more bonded after now, we all fought against each other and now I’m so happy to be one again!” Brooke K.

“We’re doing a program tonight where we represent small countries in a fake olympics. Our events are in stealth, inner strength, compassion, and a mystery one that we don’t know yet. I’m having a lot of fun representing Gibraltar!” Maddie O.


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