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The Tent Post

  • 8/19/2018 11:54:31 AM
I’m writing this on the last day of camp for summer 2018. We here in Tuscarora have had an incredible time where campers and staff have had fun and grown in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Instead of taking it from me, however, I’m going to share the final campfire speeches from our unit head, Sydney Zuckerman, and two of our campers who embodied what it meant to be a Tuscaroran this summer, Lindsay W. and Matthew F.

"Thank you to programming and the non village staff for the banquet tonight. 

Thank you to all the staff and campers for your energy and love you radiated this session. CSL 2018, I hope you go home happy, tired, and proud of all you’ve done. 

Tuscarora 2018 staff, thank you for joining me and the 53 tuscarorans and I on this wild journey. You each mean more to me than you know and I’m honestly going to be lost without you.

To Tuscarora 2018, 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all the love, energy, hard work, excitement, dedication and joy that you have put into the summer and into our community over the past seven weeks.

As I rode my bike down tusc road for the last time this summer, and maybe forever, I made myself look above and below. Riding slow to notice each tree lining the road and the variation of green within the forest. I reflected on the summer and all of you. 

The progress the staff and I have witnessed you make both as individuals and as a group are paramount. You’ve blossomed into strong, kind, and empowered leaders, learned to handle difficulties with grace and maturity, and live up to your full send summer.

Think about your pure and unadulterated joy you felt after winning fight song, your strength and determination during our bike trip and triathlon, and how you feel about each other right now. Those thoughts, those feelings exist because of each and every one of you. You are all important. You all have value. Now and always. Please remember that. Take what you learned about community, self acceptance, hard work, and love home with you and keep moving forward. 

Trees are connected through their root systems. A tree in distress can utilize its root network to ask for and receive missing nutrients. This happens despite the the tree variety. A maple tree can receive and give to a peach tree, etc. Riding down tusc road that final time, I thought about that community of trees - across the entire world - that support and get support from any other type of tree in the area. 

I read at the beginning of the summer that man is like the trees - for the reasons I mentioned above. 

I don’t think this is true of our world - we’re divided and working against each other in many ways. Rather, I think humans need to try and be like the trees, strive to support all who are alike and all who are different. Live in our uniqueness and understand the value of interconnectedness with kindness and acceptance. 

Tuscarora 2018. You are those trees lining the tusc road. You’ll always be there. You have the qualities the world needs right now. Thank you and I love you." - Sudney Zuckerman

I would like to call up Lindsay and Matthew to represent the village of Tuscarora.

"You’ve just biked 100 miles. Wow. I remember being in youngest Cayuga and seeing the 1T1 get back from their trip. I never thought I’d be able to do it. It seems like in no time at all, on July 10th, I was getting back from the exact same bike trip with some of my closest friends. While I had known how to bike for awhile, it was much different for some people, yet, at the same time, we were all there together. This was the first time I realized the true effect of Tusc. All the things we did over the summer helped us all grow personally, but also together. Tusc has helped me grow as a leader in camp. During color war, when the village was split in half, we needed to lead our teams. I was helping to get everyone excited for all the different events we had, and as a result the whole team had more fun. This was a time I noticed a difference in myself, being someone who typically wasn’t the one in front of the crowd getting everyone hyped, but that’s now just something I do, thanks to Tusc. 

Tusc is one big community, and we’re all there for each other. While some of you might think we were racing to see who could finish first during the bike trip or who would be best at leading camp during color war, you’re wrong. We did it together. Just like how only a few days ago, we weren’t racing during the triathlon. We were all helping each other finish, and we celebrated together. The triathlon is about growth as a person, not a race. That’s why it is the culminating event of the summer. It symbolizes how we all were able to grow on our own throughout the summer, and we grew together. A lot of people say that Tusc is the best summer you will have as a camper, and I think I can agree with that. I am a better person because of Tusc." - Lindsay and Matthew

Thanks for reading The Tent Post this summer; I hope I’ve been able to give you a glimpse into the everyday of Tuscarora 2018.

Signing off,
The Tent Post
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