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Hawk Talk

  • 8/12/2019 5:27:07 PM
A few days ago marked the ending of everybody's favorite program of the summer, Color War. For those of you who may not know, Color War is where the entire camp is split into 2 teams, red and blue, and each team competes to ultimately win the program as a whole. Mohawk specifically has had a great time with this program in the past and continued this year by displaying sportsmanship and hard work. Max H. said, "one of the coolest parts of the program for me was playing gaga against another Mohican camper even though I ultimately lost." Although Max lost the game, he maintained good sportsmanship and set an example for the rest of camp.

After the program ended, Mohawk came back as a village and reunited as one. When you are split up into two different teams over an extended period of time like we were, it makes coming back together that much sweeter. Nate M. said "while it was fun being in the show and participating in color war, what really matters is coming back together as a village." Nate and the rest of Mohawk felt that it is important to reunite as a strong village and not to get caught up in the emotions of color war.
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