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  • 8/5/2019 1:46:54 PM
Hello all! We have had a nice couple of days since our last blog. On Wednesday morning, we had league. This session’s league is… Onon-pocalypse! The counselors have all turned into zombies and unit head Janie needs Onondaga’s help! In this league, we learn and practice different skills to help us survive the zombie apocalypse. On Wednesday we made our teams, and each team made up a flag and a secret handshake (cheers would attract the zombies, of course). In future league periods, Onondagans will learn survival skills such as fort building, archery, and more, and participate in ropes games that will help our teamwork and communication skills. In the afternoon, we had hobbies! For dinner, we had a campout in the M-field. 

On Thursday we had regular periods, including sing, athletics, pool, and more. Before dinner, the Tusc girls surprised Onondaga in the village before dinner. Daga met their new Tusc sisters and sat with them at dinner! After dinner the senior camper girls had a program planned for them and their sisters. In their pajamas, they headed out to see the village of Tuscarora! They showed them around their tents and around the village. Then they had a slumber party program where they did edible face masks. A lot of the campers ate more of the face mask than they had on their faces! 

On Friday we had regular periods. All of Onondaga had low ropes! We had lots of fun testing our abilities to work together. That night we had Shabbat services. We also had services in the morning on Saturday and then had Shabbat choice, ending our night with Havdallah. We had a programed named “Daga on the Street” where we went around interviewing program area staff with silly questions we had prepared. 

On Sunday we all had our first Israel period! We celebrated all the summer birthdays— Israeli style! We played a bunch of popular Israeli birthday games, and it was a blast to participate and to watch! Everyone looked so silly searching for the candy in the flour and trying to get a candle tied to their waist inside a water bottle. Then we had athletics and service prep. Onondaga and Mohawk prepared for Mo-Daga Shabbat! Campers and staff picked out songs, sang z’mirot, wrote speeches, practiced prayer introductions, performances, and more. In the afternoon we had hobbies!

A fantastic few days here!

Until next time!
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