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The Senechronicles!

  • 8/12/2019 5:28:06 PM
Welcome back to the Senechronicles! 

This session has been amazing so far. All of the girls have created such a warm community in the village of Seneca! Everyday during rest hour you can see the happiness in their faces as they run from cabin to cabin and see their friends from all ages. There are games of euchre constantly going on as well as bracelet making and song singing. Every moment of the day all the bunks are creating fun wherever they go. 

All of the different periods during the day have been enjoyed by every Seneca bunk! Recently oldest and middle had AMS at the waterfront. It was a super sunny day out on the lake but quite choppy water! This led to a great time for the campers as they were taken tubing. Bunks were broken into groups for tubing. As the boat pulled the girls across the water their faces lit up as they cheered from excitement. Hanging out on the lake is one of the best parts of camp which the girls had a great time enjoying! 

Israel periods have been enjoyed by all of Seneca as well! Many of the Israeli staff work in Seneca and have used party games to show the campers what is done in Israel. 

Chloe O. from S-5 said “Israel periods were super fun. We played a game where we got flour all over our face and it was such a good time!” 

Thanks for checking in with Seneca!
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