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Sherm's Stories

  • 7/15/2018 9:49:32 AM
This past week, middle Mohawk and Seneca, as well as some oldest campers, had the unique opportunity to participate in this summer’s Hiddur Mitzvah project. Throughout two days, the campers worked on creating a large weaving for the CSL community, as well as smaller individual pieces on a smaller loom for each camper to bring home with them. 
The campers learned about the history of weaving and the history of textiles in Judaism, as well as the tradition of a prayer shall and tzitzit. Brielle and Hannah Giancola, previous staff members at CSL, returned to run this year’s Hiddur Mitzvah program. They spoke to the campers about heirlooms and their role in Jewish family traditions.
The Senecans and Mohicans truly enjoyed this program. Here is what they had to say about Hiddur Mitzvah:
Carly S. (S-4): “We made weavings on a loom. We used a bunch of different materials like wool, felt, and string in different shades of blue and white. It was really cool because you could see all the different stitches. The project was interesting because you took the loom off and all the string stayed in one piece. I had a lot of fun.” 
Ella J. (S-4): “At Hiddur Mitzvah we learned that in Judaism there are lots of heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation.”
Raine C. (M-4): “I learned that everybody can contribute to one big piece of art and that was really cool to watch.”
Kiran M. (M-4): “I learned what an heirloom was. It’s important because it’s a family tradition.”
Overall, the Hiddur Mitzvah program was a success. Campers were able to learn about Judaism and how to incorporate Jewish values into art while having fun weaving. Thank you to the campers who participated and to Briell and Hannah Giancola for coming to CSL to teach Mohawk and Seneca these important lessons and skills!

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Eliza Sherman



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