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Sherm's Stories

  • 7/17/2018 8:46:43 AM
Hello CSL community! I cannot believe we are in the last week of Session 1. It is clear to me that all the campers are making the most of their last few days of the session by fully participating in every activity, whether it be a small or large program. 
Yesterday afternoon, everyone in camp joined together for Tikkun Olam Day. Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew word that translates to “Repair the World.” Every camper had the opportunity to choose their activity for Tikkun Olam Day. There was work being done in almost every area of camp. 
Campers helped to fix up various trails around camp and paint sdifferent things, like the O-Rec benches, the Home Run fence, new Buddy Boards, and the circles on the office. They designed and painted two beautiful murals, one on the Onondaga staff bathrooms and one on the Cayuga staff bathrooms. Other groups wrote a Sustainability Ted Talk, made solar light bulbs, wind chimes, and milk carton bird feeders, and planted flowers and personal herb gardens. 
Each group was prompted with sustainability questions, such as:
  • How can we conserve water?
  • How can we as individuals and a community become more sustainable for our environment?
  • What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?
  • Whose responsibility is it to take care of the environment?
These questions encouraged campers to think about the big picture and come up with ways they themselves can “Repair the World.”
In addition to these projects, three older campers, Natalie P. (Tusc)Lucy L. (S-3), and Jonah J. (M-1), assisted Maggie, Adam, and me in documenting the day in the Photography group. 
After each group finished their project, the entire camp came together for lawn games and relaxing before a burrito cookout in the General Swim area. 
The program taught campers how many small projects can better the world we live in and our community of Camp Seneca Lake. It was moving to see campers and staff, young and old, working side by side to beautify the CSL grounds with sustainable projects that will last for years to come. 
Here is what some campers had to say about Tikkun Olam Day:
Matthew S. (Tusc): “I thought it was cool to leave my mark on camp history by painting a beautiful mural dated July 2018 that I will remember and cherish forever!”
Addy S. (0-3): “On Tikkun Olam Day we did different activities to make camp a better place. It was really fun, and it was a cool hands on experience. We made garden stones and then we decorated them with gems.” 
Ryan C. (M-3): “Tikkun Olam was so much fun. Being able to give back to a place that gives us so much joy felt really good. I want to see all the good work last. I cleaned the fire pits around camp to make sure all the bad stuff was out.” 

Hayden R.(S-6): “Tikkun Olam Day was a great day to bring camp together in order to repair things in camp that need fixing. I helped repaint the Buddy Board at the pool. This was really fun because the Buddy Board looked really old. On the small board, we painted a sunset and on the large one we made five bubbles with each village name on them. Overall, Tikkun Olam Day was so much fun, and I loved coming together with every village to make camp a better place.”
I can’t wait to see what the rest of Session 1 has in store for us and the Media team will continue to keep the CSL community updated on what is happening down 200 Camp Road!
Until next time,
Eliza Sherman
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