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The Senechronicles

Shalom everyone! Allow me to fill you in on all of the happenings in the lovely village of Seneca! On Sunday night we had a PUP which is a program with all of Seneca and Mohawk. Senecans went with Mohawk staff and practiced MNL aka Mohawk National League aka softball. Mohicans went with Seneca staff and practiced SSL (Seneca Soccer League). At the end of the program we all came together for one big dodgeball game. Hannah G. from S-5 says, “Last night we did a program where we switched MNL and SSL. We got to switch counselors and it was really fun to see what it was like being in Mohawk. I got to learn their cheers which are a lot different from ours. But at the end of the day, I’m happy to be a Senecan.” 

On Monday morning we had regularly scheduled periods. S-2 enjoyed a sunny morning at the waterfront on canoes. Sasha R. from S-2 says, “At first I really wanted to go paddle boarding when I found out we had paddle sports this morning. But canoeing ended up being really fun. We all linked canoes and told stories on the water.” Oldest Seneca and some of middle spent the morning on the high ropes course. Some senecans climbed the vertical playpen which is impossible to complete without using team work. Talia L. from S-6 says, “Climbing the playpen was a difficult task that I chose to endure today. But with the help of my friend and teammate Alison, I was able to get to the top. And now I feel relieved and accomplished. Ropes periods teach us how to work together instead of as an individual.” Talk to you soon, Tali.

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