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The Senechronicles

Hello everyone! Fight Song was last night. No words can describe how proud we, the Seneca staff, are of our village and all of camp for creating such fantastic performances in just 10 days. In the end, Tuscarora walked away victorious and we as a village are extremely happy for them and proud of our former Seneca sisters.

Sarah K. from S-6 says “Even though we didn’t win Fight Song, the dance party we had after brought the whole village together. That’s why we have this program. It’s one of the only things that villages compete together in as a whole and even though it’s emotional and intense, it has the power to connect oldest to youngest and youngest to middle, etc. I’ve never have experienced so much fun and laughter while performing a fight song.” 

Spirits are high in the village today post fight song and we’re all having a great time at regularly scheduled periods. Carly S. from S-5 says “Today in periods my bunk went to Israeli Dance and we learned this really, really fun dance. We learned the dance moves to Israeli songs and it’s really upbeat and catchy. Then, my bunk went to athletics and we played kick ball. Kick ball was really fun because we were the only bunk there so we had the whole O-field to ourselves. Finally, we went to the pool and it felt really refreshing because it’s hot out.” 

Talia S. from S-1 says “Today we had AMS (Aquatic Motor Sports) and my bunk went banana boating. I was really scared because I’ve never gone before and I decided to go to last. When it was my turn, I ended up having a ton of fun. I’m glad that I went because I will always look back on how much fun I had doing it.”

It’s hard to believe we’re already two weeks into the session. We have the goal as a village of making the most of every single day we have left together. Tomorrow is Seneca Shabbat and the whole village is getting involved with services by either performing, giving speeches, decorating, and more. 

Talk to you soon and (almost) Shabbat Shalom! 



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