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Torah Talk

  • 7/20/2018 5:14:04 PM

Yesterday afternoon, Mohawk, Seneca, and Tusc campers had the amazing opportunity to spend some time with Rabbi Vogel. Rabbi Vogel spoke to the older campers about how we can help each other through the power of mitzvot. He used different Jewish stories and legends to make these life lessons more interesting for the kids. 
One line that really impacted the campers was when Rabbi Vogel said: “The key to fixing all the pain for the last 2000 years is by helping each other, especially when it’s not so simple.” 
Here is what the Senecans and Mohicans had to say about the program:
Bea R.(S-5): “Rabbi Vogel inspired us to do mitzvahs in our own lives. We want to thank him for coming all the way here to educate us.”
Reed K. (M-3):“We often meet with Rabbi for things like this, but this one was more interesting. I want our meetings with Rabbi to be more like this one!”
During yesterday’s evening program, the younger campers in Onondaga and Cayuga had the opportunity to learn about Judaism in a different way‑-through art. 
Aaron Bigeleisen, the Judaica Program Area Leader, spoke about the evening program with the Pittsford Chabad.
“Yesterday, the Cayugans and Onondagas learned about some amazing parts of Jewish ritual and tradition. With the guidance of Rabbis Yitzi and Moshe, they learned about Torah making and mezuzahs, got to make their own mezuzah covers, and used real parchment and quills to write their Hebrew names!”
Max B. (C-2): “It was lots of fun! I used my creativity when I made my mezuzah!”
Emma R. (0-2): “It was really fun. I learned how to write my Hebrew name.”
Overall, the Judaica programs yesterday provided a unique learning experience for all campers and was a great way to transition into the final Shabbat of the session.
Until next time,
Eliza Sherman


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