It has long been a goal of ours to support the current CSL staff team.  We have found a very valuable way in which we can help our camp staff members get necessary work experience in their chosen fields, while still being able to spend summers at CSL! To help realize this goal, we realized that we have a huge resource available – you!

With the help of the CSL Outreach Committee, we have created the Seneca Lake Connection. The goal of this network is to give current CSL staff every opportunity to spend as many summers as possible at Camp, while also meeting their work experience needs.  We are looking for friends and alumni who might be willing to provide internships and short term job possibilities to CSL staff.

Many of you are employers or work for employers who might benefit from an extra set of hands for a month or two during college breaks and between the end of the college year and the start of the camp season. Others of you have knowledge and experiences to share. Maybe your company is looking for a recent college graduate to fill a full time position.

We can help to connect you with interested and eager staff. The potential benefit for CSL staff not only gives them a  foot in the door for full time career-starting positions, but also provides them with a resource in their field where they can collect advice, share knowledge, and have a sounding board.

As CSL family, we all can appreciate what it takes to work at a  summer camp. Of course camp is fun, but being a staff member is way more than  that. It is hard work and a huge responsibility to take care of a bunk of twelve children 24  hours a day or to run a program area serving over 270 campers. It takes maturity, endless energy, initiative, self-sacrifice, and leadership. Becoming part of Seneca Lake Connection will allow you access to a self-selected pool of potential employees with these and other very desirable qualities. At the same time, you might have a huge impact on a young adult and also help CSL retain older staff members for more summers, keeping it the place we love so much.

Please consider becoming part of the Seneca Lake Connection.  You can express your interest by filling out the form. 

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