4 weeks that will change your life!

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Your SIT summer is an incredible journey with the potential to be the most rewarding and exciting summer you can imagine. The combination of innovative, engaging, and insightful training sessions combined with the hands-on and practical in-cabin training opportunities makes the SIT program a unique and fantastic summer experience at camp. The SIT program is a terrific opportunity to prepare oneself to return as a staff member at CMC in the following years.

Camp Mountain Chai offers a four week staff training program for teens entering 12th grade in the fall. For these four weeks you will create unique relationships with your fellow SITs as we prepare you for the transition from camper to counselor. You will begin to learn all the intricacies and experience what it takes to become a counselor, programming, leadership skills, and the operations of camp that up until now you have not been directly exposed to.  At the end of these four weeks SIT’s will have the opportunity to become junior counselors during Session 3, and will receive a small stipend.

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This summer is a true evolution, personally and professionally from camper to staff for all our SITs as a group and as individuals.

Entrance into this program is very competitive and based on a completed application by the deadline, a personal interview, history at camp and letters of recommendations. SITs who successfully complete the program and are referred by the SIT director will be given first priority for hiring the following summer.

Feel free to contact Camp Director, Dan Baer, with any questions or concerns.

CMC’s SIT program incorporates three specific components:

Hadracha: The Hadracha (training) component focuses on exploring topics such as child development, leadership skills, conflict management and resolution, program planning, Jewish role modeling, Jewish community building, and more.
Placements: Each SIT will gain practical hands-on experience through different cabin and specialty placements.
Program Planning: SITs will have the opportunity to be part of both small and large scale program planning. Events include the 4th of July Carnival, end of session banquets, Maccabiah, evening programs, lights out camper programs, and more.

A sample of topics that are covered throughout the 5-week program:

  • Ages and Stages (what kids are going through)
  • Being involved and active as an SIT – not sitting on the sidelines
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Connecting with and relating to kids
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Favoritism
  • Gossip
  • Health and Safety
  • Homesickness
  • Ideal counselor
  • Leadership styles
  • Mediation
  • Mental Health – taking time for yourself
  • Observing and Evaluating
  • Perception is Reality
  • Programming
  • Reality check – keeping yourself humble
  • Roles and Expectations
  • Taking initiative
  • Team building
  • Tough stuff (understanding abuse, depression,children with disabilities, etc.)
  • Working with your peers